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At Direct Claims Nationwide, we work with specialist injury and accident lawyers across the UK so you can be confident that, should you choose to make an accident claim, you will be looked after by specialist professionals who will talk you through all aspects of making an accident claim.
Information about the different types of claims and some common types of questions are contained within the following sections:
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Why make a claim ?
Victims of more serious accidents regularly need time off work to recover from their personal injury, leading to financial problems such as struggling to keep up with mortgage repayments. In fact, many people return to work too early due to these problems, often making their injury worse. It's important that these people are awarded the compensation they deserve - to give them the time needed to make a full recovery.

Accident claims should be successful if it can be shown that someone has been at fault in some way - that they have failed in a duty or not taken reasonable care - and that this fault or failure caused (or partly caused) the accident. This may be quite obvious in some cases, but in others it can be quite complicated.
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Types of Claims
√ Road Traffic Accidents
√ Accidents at Work
√ Slips, Trips and Falls
√ Holiday Accidents
√ Military Accidents
√ Fatal Accidents
√ Defective Products
√ Sport Related Accidents
√ Dog Attacks
√ Health and Safety
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